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Curious You Scented Lotion for Women

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Curious You Scented Lotion for Women
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The In Control Curious Scented Body Lotion that we offer contains a very liberal portion of our scented oil. This is our version of the limited edition fragrance introduced for Britney spears in 2006. This fragrance is sweet and sexy, romantically pink and dangerously black. The composition is a sensual mixture of vanilla and musky notes, crème brûlée and night orchid. It opens with juicy notes of loquat fruit. The heart harmonizes midnight orchid, crème brûlée, black vanilla bean and tonka crystals. The base notes are sugared sandalwood and musk. 

The musky notes inherent in the scented oil blends wonderfully with the oil to form a lovely composition with a romantic character than the first product. The lotion also holds onto the base notes of the fragrance for quite a while and add to the longevity of ingredients which are long lasting on their own.

In Control is a fragrance with a big personality.The scent of crème brûlée is very intensive but not suffocating. This fragrance is totally unique as you can see by the ingredients involved. It is not for everyone because it is so unusual, but if you are daring enough to wear it look for it to work wonders for you. The lotion will work more for you if the actual fragrance won't. Remember that the lotion is grnerally sweeter, darker, more sensuous, and musky. 

This fragrance also recieves accolades because it is such a long lasting fragrance and is very appealing to the opposite sex.It is definitely a nighttime fragrance, In Control is bold and unique scent. Not for everybody or every scene, different for sure. A great example of a celebrity fragrance that still dares to stand out.

You can use te lotion to dare to be even more of an individual that wearers of the lotion. It will take you around a fragrance corner than few others have turned.
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