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The benefits of using essential oils to treat chapped lips, is that the oil moisturizes at the same time as it treats the skin cells with its healing ingredients. The oil is easily absorbed into the lips where it fills and moisturizes the cells. The oils also contain vitamins and minerals which are essential to the growth and nourishment of the cells. The oil doesn’t evaporate as water based products do so the oil moisturizes for a much longer period of time.

Our lips don't have any oil glands, so they can’t produce what they need to moisturize themselves. For lip care one need to exfoliate the dry and dead skin regularly and apply a moisturizer to protect the lips from drying. There are many conditions related to lips and dry lips is one of the most common ones. Cracks on lips and chapped lips are also pretty common during the colder season. However, chapped and swollen lips can point to a specific condition, which can not be related to drying of lips but towards a condition which needs medical attention. You can also use essential oils to treat underlying conditions also. There are many essential oils which are excellent germ fighters. You can apply these to cracked sore lips at regular intervals to help in the healing process. Tea tree oil is good for this but don’t take it internally. It is so light that it is quickly absorbed into the skin where it can begin to work for you. A good technique to use would be to apply it at night before bed so that it can work while you are sleeping. Use either olive oil, aloe vera oil, or vitamin E oil the next morning to help moisturize and heal the skin.
There are many conditions which will cause the lips to swell. Allergies are one of the more common reasons. If you have swollen lips due to allergies you will need to determine irritant or thing which is causing the allergic reaction. Sometimes a negative reaction is caused by a product that you are using. Determine the time that you have the most problems with the allergy and find out the product that is most common to those times. Eliminate it and see what happens. If your allergy disappears then you will know the cause. When you use essential oils on your lips they will give you some protection against allergies.
If you have swollen lips which are painful you may want to use an over the counter painkiller to treat the pain. For chapped and dry lips, apply aloe vera oil to help sooth the pain and use ice if necessary.

If you have extremely dry lips then use natural products to moisturize them. You can first try to exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dry skin. Make sure you exfoliate your lips only if there is no pain involved. Use an old toothbrush and wet your lips. Gently, keep brushing your lips to remove any dry dead cells. Then pat your lips dry and apply liberally a moisturizer to it. Some good options of natural lip moisturizers are purified butter (ghee), olive oil, and shea butter.
These were the causes of chapped and swollen lips and some care tips. However, there are still many other causes related to swelling and chapping of lips. The list includes core sores, facial injury, stomach problems, and hand food and mouth disease, deficiencies, core sores and side effects of drugs like chemotherapy drugs. If you have severe lip problems use essential oils to help. Seek medical attention but don’t neglect to use essential oils. Essential oils will give great benefits with continued use.

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